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Future development direction of domestic building formwork technology

1. With fair faced concrete as the center, actively improve the existing new formwork technology, and vigorously promote the application of various fair faced concrete formwork with good performance, reasonable price, safety, applicability, environmental protection and energy saving.

2. According to local conditions, research and develop new formwork materials with light weight, high strength and high stiffness and new products that are economical, environmentally friendly and applicable.

3. Vigorously promote and apply the complete set of early formwork removal technology, and actively research and develop the Suspended Formwork Technology.

4. Actively promote the application and in-depth development of large formwork and hydraulic automatic climbing formwork technology.

5. Research and develop the application technology of CAD in formwork engineering, strengthen scientific test, create conditions, and monitor the stress of support system in heavy load and large space construction.

6. Learn from the modern scientific management technology of template companies in developed countries. At present, China's construction industry is still in a good opportunity for rapid and steady development. We should seize this great opportunity for development, take the road of scientific development, and strive to promote the rapid development and steady progress of China's construction formwork.